The More Expensive The Better?

Some people know how to drive, but might not not know the vehicle very well. When the car was sent to the garage, they usually did what they were told to do, and they might have no idea how much money they spent. So when your car needs new spark plugs, do you know what kind of spark plugs you really want?

What is spark plugs?

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Spark plugs is the auto parts of engine ignition system. The spark is generated by a discharge between the electrodes, which is responsible for igniting the mixture of gases in the cylinder, which is responsible for getting the car started.

So, if you find it’s difficult to start your car in a cold state, if you experience significant braking, idling, or decrease in engine acceleration, you have the spark plugs problem.

The owners need to check the spark plugs in their daily life. The general lifespan of spark plugs is 60,000 km or 100,000 km, and the owners can have a check every 10,000 or 20,000 km.

How to check spark plugs?

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The spark plugs is on the top of the engine cylinder. After you take it off, you need to check its condition carefully. Usually we check for carbon stains, turtle cracks, abnormal scars and electrodes. In addition, the owner can also check the state of the spark plugs according to the driving state, for example, the vehicle is failed to start at one time or there is an unknown shake and pause feeling during driving.

If the spark plugs just become black and contain carbon, it is easy to solve. Owners can clean up by themselves. If carbon is not very much, you can soak the spark plugs in vinegar for 1-2 hours and then wipe it clean as new. If there is a lot of carbon, you can also use a special cleaner which provides the better cleaning effect. But if you find that spark plugs is cracked or scared, direct replacement is the best choice.

The more expensive the better?

There are different types of spark plugs, such as nickel and copper spark plugs with a lifespan of about 20,000 kilometers, iridium plugs with a lifespan of 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers and platinum plugs with a life span of 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers. Of course, the longer lifespan it has, the more expensive it gets.

Some people might spend a lot of money on a set of iridium spark plugs after they hear about iridium spark plugs can improve their cars' power performance. After being replacing and using, they will find that there is no improvement in acceleration. In fact, for the improvement of the power performance of the car, it is not the more expensive the better. Good spark plugs provide a help for the power performance of the car, but this help also depends on the engine itself. If the engine performance does not reach a certain level, the more advanced spark plugs will not have much help for the power performance.

Post time: Jul-16-2020